Together we are helping the planet.
One Marine Protected Area at a time.

Together we are helping the planet. One Marine Protected Area at a time.

Welcome to Blue Alliance

We work with governments to build and manage Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that regenerate coral reef ecosystems and improve the lives of local communities. We bridge the marine conservation financing gap through innovative, Blue Economy reef-positive businesses in and around the MPAs.

Our work in the field

We work in four fundamental and interrelated fields of operation, and we measure and report on our performance.

Every Blue Alliance MPA is designed and managed to rewild ecosystems, improve food security, promote sustainable Blue Economy development for local communities, and enhance climate change resilience. Our experience has shown us that these goals are entirely compatible and achievable to create a successful MPA.

Science and Conservation
Community Development

Science and Conservation

Science and conservation via research and monitoring projects

Community Development

Enabling community development and empowerment


Surveillance and protection by raising awareness, ensuring compliance

Sustainable Revenues

Responsible, reef-positive businesses to create sustainable revenues

Blue Alliance MPAs

Our Marine Protected Areas in the Philippines, Indonesia, Zanzibar, and Belize. 

Our Achievements

From regenerating overfished reef species and protecting coral reefs from destruction and pollution, our work extends to curbing illegal fishing practices, protecting endangered sea turtles and reducing threatened species bycatch. Our initiatives further create jobs for coastal communities, reduce poverty, and even mitigate the impacts of climate change. By tackling issues like land-based pollution and championing responsible fishery and ecotourism practices, we’re leading the way toward a more sustainable future. Explore the impact we’re having in the field.


Marine Protected Areas in 4 networks actively managed under long-term management mandates


Ha of coral reef ecosystems managed for recovery

0 +

Ha of Mangrove forests being regenerated

0 +

Coastal community members with enhanced livelihoods

0 +

Threatened species being protected


MPA networks currently generating revenue

0 +

New jobs created in our MPAs and reef-positive businesses


Additional MPAs under preparation


Reef-positive businesses in development


Livelihood programmes developed

We innovate for lasting change

Insufficient or unreliable funding is limiting the positive impact of many MPAs. It’s time for a new approach to finance, and some blue water thinking around MPA management. That’s why we challenge the marine conservation status quo through innovative solutions.

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Our impact-first focus

for people and wildlife

We believe in impact accountability. Whether protecting, conserving, investing, financing, managing, or developing, to us it is always impact first. It is what drives us every day, and being able to measure it makes it even more meaningful.

Reef-positive businesses

as a force for good

We build innovative Blue Economy reef-positive businesses in and around MPAs through collaborating with key partners and working with local communities. Our priority sectors include ecotourism, blue carbon projects, community-based aquaculture, and plastic recycling. We believe that our MPAs can become financially self-sustainable and independent from donors in the long term.

Focusing on the big picture challenge

Coral reefs are critical in maintaining ocean biodiversity and protecting shorelines. They also provide important benefits for humans including food, income, and opportunities for responsible tourism and sustainable aquaculture.  MPAs could be our best hope in terms of preserving marine ecosystems and protecting the livelihoods of coastal communities.

We’re focusing on the big-picture challenge of building effectively managed and self-sustained MPAs, one MPA at a time. Our approach is scalable and replicable, transformative for MPAs, and precedent-setting for marine conservation and economic development worldwide.

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Our Goals for 2030

Our Goals
for 2030


Ha of vital coral reef ecosystem regenerated


Marine Protected Areas in 6 MPA networks actively managed under long-term management mandates


Enhanced livelihoods in coastal communities

Together we are helping the planet, one Marine Protected Area at a time.

Will you join us?

Become a Blue Alliance partner and work with us to regenerate coral reef biodiversity and empower the lives of local communities. Help us manage vital Marine Protected Areas for the long term. Co-manage and invest with us. Build Blue Economy businesses with us.

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