Our Fieldwork

An Innovative approach

Our activities in the field are based on four core interrelated operational areas, which provide a secure foundation for MPA development.

A secure foundation for marine conservation

We are focused on sustainably conserving marine biodiversity and enhancing the livelihoods of local communities. We do this by working across four fundamental fields of operation.

Science and Conservation
Community Development

Science and Conservation

Science and conservation via research and monitoring projects

Community Development

Enabling community development and empowerment

© Photo: Kelda Lund


Surveillance and protection by raising awareness, ensuring compliance

© Photo: Kelda Lund

Sustainable Revenues

Responsible, carbon-neutral enterprises to create sustainable revenues


Science and Conservation

Everything we do is based on hard scientific data, including evaluating our own performance. Management decisions within each MPA are informed by data collected through wildlife monitoring and conservation programmes.

Monitoring wildlife and ecosystem health

Reducing exploitative fishing

Enabling endangered species recovery

Tackling pollution at the source

Monitoring and managing carrying capacities


Community Development

We enhance the livelihoods of coastal community members through creating sustainable employment opportunities and enabling micro-enterprises.

Developing aquaculture and ecotourism micro-enterprises 

Creating new income-generating activities 

Hiring local community members to work in MPAs

Education around sustainable fishing practices

Economic empowerment for women and social entrepreneurship 

Protecting communities from flooding through coral and mangrove rewilding 



Patrolling MPAs underscores our commitment, empowers local rangers, and creates opportunities for community engagement and raising awareness. 

Designing adaptive management plans

Co-patrolling with law enforcement

Creating viable alternatives to poaching

Driving conservation awareness

Implementing training programmes

Providing equipment and support


Sustainable Revenues

The creation of reef-positive businesses in and around MPAs such as ecotourism, blue carbon projects, plastic recycling, and community-based aquaculture all contribute to the growth of the Blue Economy.

Developing innovative, responsible travel offerings to visitors

Implementing MPA marketing strategies and campaigns 

Initiating blue carbon projects through restoration and conservation of mangroves

Developing comunity-based, vertically integrated aquaculture

Improving the value chain for local fishers

Participating in the plastic collection and recycling industry

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