BlueWild EcoVentures

Harnessing tourism for marine protection

BlueWild EcoVentures, the tourism division of Blue Alliance, is committed to becoming the leading force in regenerative tourism for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) co-managed by Blue Alliance.

Reef Positive Businesses

We create, fund, and promote reef-positive businesses that offer nature-based ocean travel experiences and products. These businesses are established with the sole purpose of reinvesting most or all proceeds into conservation, ensuring sustainable support for marine protection and the long-term health of our oceans.

Positive Impact

We are committed to creating a net positive environmental and social impact through our operations. We champion low-impact tourism and strive for carbon neutrality, ensuring our operations leave the lightest possible footprint.

Our reef-positive initiatives educate, inspire, and foster meaningful connections with wildlife and conservation efforts.

By promoting responsible marine tourism practices, we aim to raise awareness and drive behaviour change, ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans.

How we work

We provide customised management, support, and services to reef-positive businesses, tailored to their specific needs. Our role can either be leading or supporting, depending on the objectives.


Thorough planning, financial modelling, market surveys, and due diligence to meet investment criteria.



We invest in early-stage reef-positive businesses through our blended finance facility and catalytic capital. 


Product planning, marketing strategy implementation, sales, commercial and financial monitoring, recruitment, local team capacity building, and ESG support and certification.



Strategic oversight and executive management to ensure optimal reef positive business performance.


We provide travel trade representation, PR, brand endorsement, sustainable travel associations memberships, and cross-marketing of products and destinations.


We work to develop Reef Positive tourism in, or adjacent to Marine Protected Areas that are co-managed by Blue Alliance

BlueWild EcoVentures

On Pemba Island, Tanzania, we are partnered with Manta Resort.

We are developing the Pemba Coral Reef Safari — A product that offers Manta Resort guests a uniquely guided scuba adventure with genuine purpose. — This immersive wildlife experience deepens connections with coral reef ecosystems and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

We are also partnered in the redevelopment of Manta's unique Underwater Room — The collaboration involves funding by our 'Blue finance facility', and a significant reciprocal Impact Contribution per room night. 

All proceeds from the Pemba Coral Reef Safari and the Underwater Room  'Impact Contribution' benefit the Pemba Channel Conservation Area through Blue Alliance.

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BlueWild EcoVentures

In the Philippines we are developing the The Mindoro Coral Reef Safari. A product that offers a guided scuba adventure with genuine purpose.

Participants explore rarely visited dive locations, secluded beaches, and hidden coves, led by skilled naturalists. This immersive wildlife experience deepens connections with coral reef ecosystems and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), highlighting their role in biodiversity preservation and local community support.

The safaris also contribute to ocean rewilding by financially supporting marine conservation efforts in North Mindoro through MPAs co-managed by Blue Alliance.

These safaris are more than just trips; they are impactful ocean explorations fostering a closer connection to nature.

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BlueWild EcoVentures

In Indonesia, we've partnered with Nomad Archipelago which offers eco-conscious adventures cruises through Indonesia. The handcrafted wooden liveaboard yachts offer slow travel journeys, from the Komodo Islands, to the Flores Sea and the remote Banggai archipelago.

All proceeds from our voyages are channelled directly into the management and protection of Marine Protected Areas co-managed by Blue Alliance in Indonesia, creating meaningful benefits for the environment and surrounding communities. 

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BlueWild EcoVentures

In Belize, BlueWild EcoVentures provided comprehensive technical assistance to the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve in Belize, enhancing tourism awareness, engagement, and revenue generation.

Our efforts included creating tourism products like an artificial reef and nature trails, developing a dedicated promotional website, and designing marketing collateral.

We also implemented sales strategies to boost sustainable tourism revenue, launched the BlueTalks educational program for travelers, and managed the hiring and training of tourism-focused teams.

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